Let’s Make Every Day Earth Day

As Earth Day approaches, I’m pondering the disconnect between people and the incredible seasons of nature. Mostly we just complain if they’re not meeting our immediate needs…it’s too cold, it’s too hot, it’s too wet, the snow will never melt. I’ve found when I stop for a moment to appreciate the power of nature, I learn to see the big picture and the incredibly fine details.  Like this mourning cloak butterfly, who spends the Michigan winter hibernating under tree bark and then pops out when the weather warms to begin his routine all over again.

ImaginEco mourning cloak 1

As the temperatures rise, I’m even more appreciative of the movement of species whose only focus is to live in the present, procreate, enjoy a bit of sunshine, or a tasty well-earned and deserved morsel. Today I watched a young robin meticulously bathe himself for the recognition of potential mates.  And a few minutes later he was gone from my sight as a young lady enticed him away. He knows his purpose and is not motivated by ego or lining his pockets through fleeting meaningless temporary distractions. Though nest lining does need his attention!

The deer and all the wild life around my Michigan woodland home have endured seemingly endless months of record cold temperatures and snowfall.  I’ve watched them struggle through leg breaking ice only to frolic, yes, frolic, as no other word properly describes their joyous antics, when spring sunshine and warmth actually appear.  This morning a doe and a yearling drank together from my heated bird bath, even though fresh water is available in the thawed creek nearby. Ours is a mutually dependent relationship!

My knowledge and admiration of and my compassion for the natural world has increased immeasurably during my nearly 10 years in my woodland home. I’ve spent countless hours watching from inside and out and becoming accustomed to the rhythms of wildlife and plants. As they all work together in such awe inspiring ways they are a powerful force. Witnessing this has slowed my pace, aligned my priorities, and increased my passion to improve your lives through the use of nature and color and light.

ImaginEco pileated pair

So let’s all pull together to appreciate and care for nature, today and every day. If you’ll join me, share this with your friends. Take your own walk in my woodland by viewing the reasons that I do what I do.

Imagine the possibilities,