Great design starts with balance…1.2.

This is the third in a series of posts about how to achieve balance in design. You’ve approached or been inside buildings that just don’t seem right. Perhaps it’s the proportions, or the colors, or the furnishings. Some times it’s easy to determine while other times it’s subtly awkward and you can’t quite pin point the issue.

Balance is an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. Balance is equilibrium. Imagine a tall stack of books with small thin books at the base and thick coffee table art books at the top. It’s easy to see the imbalance and imagine it toppling over. Yet balance in architecture and interior design requires expertise to achieve.

In large scale 3-dimensional objects, imbalance can creep in quickly. Follow classic traditional design and proportions and achieving harmonious and satisfying spaces is much more likely. Modern, informal design lends itself to freedom that can easily throw things off kilter. Yet this doesn’t mean that balance can’t be achieved without symmetry. It can and that’s often the tricky part. I see it on a daily basis and want to start with simple examples and build from there. And frankly, this is another of my pet peeves that’s very easy to remedy, so let’s move inside today and orchestrate the details.

Let’s be honest, just one decision can throw an entire room off balance. You’re right, it’s not the end of the world or cause for losing sleep! And as you’ll see in the following examples, your spaces will likely still be gorgeous. However, when you’re actually thinking about these things and planning or rearranging, keep these ideas in mind.

Start with a focal point. What do you want to be the center of the space’s attention? For you it may be a fireplace or a painting or the seating area where you’ll gather with family. For your friends it may be their collectibles or the dining table with seating for best friends.  In this inviting dining room, there’s so much to love. Yet personal photos, vibrant art, a delicious lemon yellow buffet, and cut velvet upholstery just can’t compete with the burnt orange light pendant. Like an overbearing guest, it’s just a bit too much! Even lowering the pendant closer to the table will make it welcome at this dinner party.

white space

Ground the space with weight or color. What a bright and dreamy kitchen, right? From the graphic black and white wall covering, to the industrial pipe and slab wood table, a stove to envy, and the vintage chandelier, it’s perfection…almost. I can’t even take my eyes off of the elephant range hood in the room! Perhaps a light grey wash would make it more friendly. Then those ebony Tolix Marais chairs can command the room.
white space

Choose your center of attention wisely. What an interesting living space with texture on the walls and in the fabric. Mid-century modern furniture always makes me swoon and a teal velvet chair seals the deal. Unfortunately the black painted brick wall steals the show. Painting the brick to match the wall color will give it a supporting role and  make the other elements shine.

white space

Keep it light up top. What a luxurious calm sleeping area. Muted tones, herringbone floors, and plush linens are all you really need with day light flooding the room. But wait, what’s that over the bed? A large animal is probably not what you want looming over you while you sleep. Just moving the trophy down and away from the bed will give you sweet dreams.

white space

Enjoy these beautifully balanced rooms. Take note that you can achieve harmony without symmetry!

Fun and inviting, this dining room is rich in color, pattern, and texture. Can’t you imagine enjoying a meal there with friends?

white space

irastar galvanized kitchen

That lush view of nature takes center stage, though I’m certain that at night the monochromatic kitchen gives a warm glow. It’s perfectly balanced with the weight on the lower portion of the room. And even the ceiling is painted a soft sky blue.

white space

With a mix of vintage, new, and reimagined, my client’s living room is colorful, personal, and warm. Her antique glass-topped tables keep the space light and functional.white space

attic bedroom

The architecture of this attic bedroom is very dramatic and requires little extra, save pops of color, to make the room send you off to dreamland. Deep blue linens balance the exclamation point of the antique table. And a pale lime green Bertoia Diamond chair is sublime.

Isn’t it remarkable how small decisions can have such a profound effect? Good design starts with prioritizing what’s important and keeping that in mind throughout the process to create harmony and balance. Read the first in this balance series then be sure to follow my blog, twitter, and Like ImaginEco on facebook for daily design tips and inspiration.

Imagine the possibilities,