Tis the season of giving!

Happy Holidays, friends! It’s been 2 years since I wrote this first blog post and it’s still important to me today. Thanks for sharing this space with me and I look forward to improving our world with you every day.

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Blog header December first postWheee!  This is my first blog post, and I hope you’ll enjoy this and many more to come.  I’ve decided to finally join this arena so that I can easily give you more in-depth info to use in your very own world of design. This first post is a salute to, and a request that you join me in my love and respect for, nature. I’m eager to learn your needs and answer your design questions, and I’ll focus on those design topics in future posts.

In this season of giving, I ask you to put Mother Nature on your gift list.  She’s been looking out for us our entire lives, so let’s show her how much we care by…

  • giving an experience instead of an item.  Take a friend to lunch, take your mom to a movie, take your sis to a play.
  • giving gift certificates or tickets to…

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4 thoughts on “Tis the season of giving!

  1. Hi Denise I had my hip replacement surgery this morning….Oh Happy Day! I am still pretty Whoosh…but am making progress. This is my perfect Christmas….Best Wishes For a Wonderful Christmas to you and your family. Love Bonnie

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    • Bonnie, I hope you are racing down that road to recovery. I’ll check in on you and wish you joy and relaxation this holiday season. xox Denise

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